Creativity Is the best thing to give a person who is depressed, stressed & needs to let go of unpopular/undesirable circumstances.

Education in terms of How to own our creativity and deploy our creativity into a space where you can monetize not only in your local community but in the global community.

I believe augmented reality and mixed reality will be best for humanity vs the meta-verse

Then again the meta-verse is for creativity and sharing your creative space with other humans.

The only way Humanity can evolve is through connection and we’ve lost personal connection being on our phones and being exposed to what applications present to us as viral- trending thoughts & ideas.

These applications have systems in place that we don’t control so fully integrating yourself 60 minutes a day to a platform or application that is essentially manipulating our brain to think that the world works off taking pictures of booty, drunkenness, and killing eachother.

Will we continue to be manipulated in the world to think what’s popular in the culture and what isn’t popular in our culture?

What is culture anyways?
Do we create our own rules?

I’m not going invest my energy into what doesn’t matter to me the most !

I want to bringing through our god given creativity!

Taking back our creative control is the greatest opportunity for our humanity because the systems that are in place have been structured to keep us in a mindset that everything is happening to us and not for us in the greater good benefiting us all and excluding none.

Racism. Religion. Socialism and classism has separated humans for over 4,000 years &
Now that we can leverage the metaverse to create our own avatar and create NFTs to present/showcase who you are and what you’re about. Us as people will realate more through this because we all have the same opportunities in real time.

The metaverse will enhance our creativity and expose the systems we live on today including governments and organizations that manipulate the souls of the people who run them meaning you and I or I and you.

This may be your unpopular opinion but it’s not mine this technology allows us to be decentralized from these governments and organizations this gives us the opportunity to take back proper universal structure in our humanity.

Untilizing blockchain technology we are able to track the good and the evil in every transaction that we have with each other. This will be tracked similar to our credit score. And things won’t be good or evil it will be as is. we don’t have to trust each other anymore because everything that we’ve done is transparent & tracked on a chain of protocols.

What is a protocol?

The protocols in question I for us to create because we are going on a quest for the answers today moving forward and today everyone here will have a vote on this chain and that will actually matter your ideas and will matter And it is up to us to share this decentralized gospel with the rest of the world.

Benefits of tracking
Track where an organizations currency is going controlling the nearest safe of where you want to work at and where you want to work out at controlling the nearest of to fix long distance relationships.

The metaverse is another dimension when creativity is what drives the engine we put value on it’s what drives solutions for the systems, we run on energy.


So people ask how can we change the culture on what’s hot & what’s not.

First and foremost you change the words you can change the words by changing the music and in the words of the music you have sound which is vibration so if you can change the vibration with the sound with the music and the words then you can bring a person up to a higher frequency with the words that they use then you can have that person chanting those words over and over again, now with the ideas that are placed in this new culture it’s up to us to create the culture Instead of the higher powers that be that have control over the system that we live in today.

the next thing is environment I believe the metaverse is extremely important because you can be in one environment in one second and change into the next environment in seconds.

This will change our mental state in literally seconds & the more time you spend in a high vibrational state mentally we can literally change the projection of our life how we think culture is and what’s hot and what’s not.

Here’s the diagram I’ve created to change first your perspective

Music is the best way to change someone’s perspective because there’s frequency involved and based on your frequency that is how you vibrate and vibration creates energy and energy is now used to be brought through or manipulated to create physical altercations.

In those physical altercations sound comes from all different types of people, places and things in your environment.

And when there is a sound that people are familiar with or unfamiliar with The reaction to the altercation is what brings through the manipulation of the situation. Good or evil, Who’s to say what is good and what is evil besides the higher power involved?

Manipulation and control of your creativity

Manipulation and control of your creativity is the greatest thief of joy and happiness so today we are challenging the creativity that you bring out into the world.

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