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Entrepreneur and Social Media Content Strategist, WEALTHY VIBES TY is a relentless, creative individual from the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois.

Growing up, Ty lived in a two-parent home, where playing football, graduating from high school, going to college, and finding a “good” job was an expectation. However, he knew life was more than just about having kids, working 40 hours a week for 40 years, to retiring off of 40% of his salary, and then eventually dying. Also known as the rat race.


The self-motivated teenager, at the time had no desire to live his life unfulfilled, so he allowed the question “What am I here on Earth to do ?” be his compass to finding his purpose.


“I always knew my parents had my best interest at heart… but I always secretly wanted more out of life. I was stuck with an idea of myself that society created for me,” said Ty.


With a sudden spark of ambition burning on the inside of him, Tyler made the ultimate decision to drop out of college and move to Miami, FL to become a self-sufficient entrepreneur, which meant he had to leave his family, girlfriend, and football behind.


“My greatest fear was to not be a catastrophic fuck up or failure to my family and friends but, most importantly, the “man” in the mirror.


I soon realized I had no control over my life,” he added.

This drastic change required a new mindset, new environment, a new group of friends, and new skills.

Tyler spent countless hours educating and training himself on how to be the exceptional Digital Content Creator he is today.


“I was internally struggling with finding my own path in the world. I wasn’t living the dream lifestyle I saw others appeared to have and I was at an all-time low.”


Hard work, dedication, determination, self- evaluation, realization, tunnel vision, and impeccable work ethic are all things that best describe the 25-year-old. He’s also tenacious, kind, thoughtful, comical, relatable, compassionate, creative, and brilliant.

The young mogul has not allowed his mistakes or struggles to hinder him from turning his dreams into reality.

Although there were many sacrifices made on the road to self-discovery, Ty knew he wasn’t going to settle for mediocrity but he was willing to do whatever it takes to live in abundance.


“For so long I believed my life’s accomplishments had to mimic the people who wanted what was best for me but I had no idea what I actually wanted for myself.”


It’s unfortunate that there were people and things Ty had to let go in order for him to obtain the new lifestyle he wanted. 


However, since he made the choice to put himself first and focus solely on the main goal, which is to “IMPACT the world and live life on GODS terms,” Ty has established a thriving social media marketing/advertising company and he is well on his way to being a GAJILLIONAIRE with a G becasue GOD IS THE ANSWER.


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